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Even if you have an existing website, we can re-design it or start from scratch, we will work with you to create your site. Laser Design can use your logo or if you do not have one create it for you. Create a template or use many of the online ones available. We can maintain the you website for you or design it so that you can update the articles yourself. Should you only require reliable hosting then Laser Design is the answer.

Laser Design works with the latest software and computer languages to give you the very best results. We have many years of marketing experience in small as well as big businesses to help your company.


Professional shots are free of any shadows and are easy to process digitally that allows them to be used in creating various promotional and advertising materials. Laser Design has the professional photographic equipment from studio flash and modelling lights to light tents that is capable of creating the high quality/high resolution images that are required for printing jobs. Some of our clients love to come over and set up each shot exactly the way they like it, thus saving valuable time.


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